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      Capítulo 1  [Chapter 1]      

Chapter 1
1. Somewhere in Nassau, our heroes are getting ready to record. In this secret location, new adventures await them …
2. Bajowksy warms up on his double bass …
3. … While the rest of the band listen.
“Sounds good!” says Miriam.
“ Moon River!” Matt observes.
“ Never heard it played that way before!” says Liuco.
4. The recording equipment is ready …
… and 'Mr Recording' requests the presence of the band.
5. Outside, someone is lurking, hidden in the shadows ...



          Capítulo 2 [Chapter 2]          
            Chapter 2
1. [Miriam singing …]
2. “This was the last one. It’s not been easy, but in the end it’s been a good job. Well done, guys!”
3 & 4. [… and as the song finishes ...]
5. “Cool!” says Tomás. “What’s going on?” asks Liuco. “Someone switch on the lights!” shouts Miriam. “Good lord, what a blow!” says Mr Recording.
6. “And what’s happened to the recording equipment?” 
The equipment is intact … but the recording has disappeared!
7. Under cover of night, a figure is running through the garden with the tape. 
          Capítulo 3 [Chapter 3]        
            Chapter 2
1. Riiinggg! Riiinggg! Riiinggg!
2. “Hello? Sword? Latency here. I have the tapes ...”
3. “... They are full of songs: pop-rock, blues, funky and something like country ... or perhaps rockabilly! I don’t know for sure,” replies Latency.
4. “And you are telling me that there are 12 songs? Entitled ‘Road song’, ‘Invisible’, ‘No clue’, ‘Walls’, ‘Lo que quieres oír’, ‘One step forward’, ‘El Dorado’, ‘La leche en bote’, ‘If I see you cry’, ‘Shades of blue’, ‘Funky lovin’ time’ and ‘New kind of beat’? Hummm! It’s not what I was looking for! Keep trying, Mr Latency!”
5. Click!
6. The next day. “Why would they steal our tapes?” asks Miriam. “We have a BIG problem! Our recording contract obliges us to deliver a recording in 5 days and ... we don’t have anything! This afternoon we’re catching the plane back to Santander ... What can we do?”
7. “Mr Recording isn’t coming,” Liuco observes. “He’s left us these two things for us to take them to Santander.”
“That’s right,” says Matt. “The lorry has already left for the airport with our gear.”
              TO BE CONTINUED ...      
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